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You may think you know luxury. You may think you understand innovative, conceptual design to wow the masses and awe the general public. You may think you understand luxury, opulence and a travel experience of the highest quality and calibre. However, none of your previous experience counts, until you visit Dubai.

The luxury hotels in Dubai are, quite simply, stunning. The youth of the city as a tourist destination has meant high end designers and architects flock to the city, keen to stamp their style and ideas on this tourist trap. Cutting edge design, sumptuous accomodation for all and a dazzling array of styles and concepts combine to make some of the luxury hotels in Dubai the best in the world.

Luxury hotels in Dubai have a unique knack of finding solutions to problems you didn't even know you had, and all as part of the standard service. With Dubai luxury hotels, a hotel is no longer a hotel, it is a style concept, something truly innovative, a pleasure for all the senses.

Depending on your tastes, Dubai luxury hotels have something to offer. If you like the style and feel of a traditional building of the United Arab Emirates, there are plenty to choose from. Soothing colors, soft décor and traditional white wash stone buildings which are designed to give you rest from the scorching heat, all feature in the landscape of Dubai. You can relax in a totally different cultural and architectural from the familiar Western world, in buildings designed to cope with the heat and provide a truly relaxing and entertaining stay in Dubai.

However, while there is an effortless charm to the traditional built hotels in Dubai, it is not what the city is really about. Luxury hotels in the city have taken the market leadership on innovation and intelligent design, melding the worlds of stunning views, panoramas and building appearance with practicality and amenities to suit all.

The skyline in Dubai is dotted with some of the most stunning architecture in the modern world. Luxury hotels in Dubai are not just rectangular blocks of concrete designed for functionality at the expense of elegance; the luxury hotels in this desert city come in every shape and size. For example, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a breathtaking twisted square design, so unique one wonders how it stays upright. Not to be outdone in stylistic shape design, the Burj Al Arab is a crescent shape, designed to look like a sail on the clear Indian Ocean.

When it comes to price, a cheap bucket deal is not going to land you in one of these amazing hotels. Yet with the premium rates comes a guest experience unlike any other, in some of the extravagant and decadent surroundings in the world. Even if it is only a once in a lifetime experience, it is one that will almost certainly be worth it, in a world where there are no rules and beauty is the epitome of all.

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